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ssh Keys

ssh and scp are the usual programs to login to a remote host and to copy files from or to a remote host. Normally users just start the program and type their password. But this is not very convenient, and even impossible, if these programs are used in a script which has to run automatically, e.g. as a cron job.
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Using ssh with a Jump Host

Frequently I have to log in to a remote machine, but I cannot connect directly; I have to use a so called jump host. (This is often the case, if I have to use a VPN to connect to a customer site.) So I have to use two sshs to connect to the desired machine. Do I?

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ssh: bypass /etc/hosts and DNS

A common little problem in my daily work is to log on to another machine with a cryptic filename, e.g. First I have find out, that the web server is on that machine. How easy would it be to type just ssh webserver! The sysadmins don’t want to put this neither into the name service nor into /etc/hosts. But there is help.

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