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tmux – Keep Jobs Running

tmux – a “terminal multiplexer” – lets you control several windows to the command line from one terminal session. Additionally you can leave tmux and close the terminal – this is very handy, if you have long running programs, and have to leave the office.

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Make temporary Files or directories

Sometimes I need a temporary file or a temporary directory with a unique name in my scripts. Of course I can create a file in /tmp with the actual time in its name. But what if some other user has the same idea, and the scripts run at the same time? Here comes mktemp.

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systemd, Part I

For my sensor network I run a server process, which collects the data from several sensors. This is a sort of a daemon. In a first version it was started in a crontab with the time “@reboot”. But during the development I had to restart it every now and then: search the PID, kill it, start it in the background.

Isn’t there a better way? systemd to the rescue. In this first systemd post I will install a service file, so that the process can be started and stopped from the root account.

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