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Make temporary Files or directories

Sometimes I need a temporary file or a temporary directory with a unique name in my scripts. Of course I can create a file in /tmp with the actual time in its name. But what if some other user has the same idea, and the scripts run at the same time? Here comes mktemp.

In the minimal form mktemp creates a file in the directory /tmp and gives the filename (with the complete path) on stdout:

$ mktemp
$ ls -l /tmp/tmp.E6ZDn53vyx
-rw------- 1 maker users 0 Aug 16 14:15 /tmp/tmp.E6ZDn53vyx

With the parameter -d a directory is created:

$ mktemp -d
$ ls -ld /tmp/tmp.VAOcYdM73O
drwx------ 2 maker users 6 Aug 16 14:13 /tmp/tmp.VAOcYdM73O

Additionally I can put a hint, which program created the temporary file, into the file or directory name by using a template:

$ mktemp -t myprogXXXXXX

The Xs are replaced by a uniq string, and the rest is used as is.


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